Daniel Gracie to Fight In Bellator Tourney on FX

For Immediate Release

December 12, 2010

Dominance MMA Management is proud to announce Daniel 'Ikemen' Gracie (5-2) will be fighting in the premier Light Heavyweight tournament in the Bellator Fighting Championship. Bellator fights are televised on FX Network and highlights are shown on NBC late, late night. Coming off a recent win in the IFC in November, Daniel will be fighting again in February 2011. The tournament will see Daniel facing tough opponents in February, March and April. This is a fast paced and intense tournament by Bellator. "I couldn't be happier", says Dominance MMA Management President Ali Abdel-Aziz. "Daniel is in prime shape to be a top Light Heavyweight contender and champion."

end of release

The one other fighter is known to have signed on to the Season 4 LHW tournament is D.J. "Da Protege" Linderman (8-1) who is slimming down from HW. Ricco Rodriguez has been rumoured as being a possible participant as well.

Interesting. He lost to Goes, then took about 4 years off. The whole Gracie name has lost so much of it's luster.

Hopefully Pavia also gets Raphael Davis into the tournament. He's a talented fighter but for some reason (neglect most likely) his career has been stuck in neutral for years.