Daniel Moraes, 3X world Champ inTX

yes. We will call tonight or today.



You have mail.

go check out WWW.DanielMoraes.com it is complete.

He is in Austin till the 2nd of Nov. then will be back the 17th of Nov. Then off to El Paso & Pheonix.

We will be in WACO at the Baylor Jiu-Jitsu club this Firday. 3pm is a semi private & 4pm is a seminar.

An actual world champion! Not a poser!
Great seminars...amazing moves & sparring!!

Thanks Daniel.


Paul it was good talking to you, Daniel looks forward to workingwith you, he will be coming back to the states in Jan. or so.I will keep you informed. I think that would be great.

Can't wait!! TTT for BJJ in El Paso!!!

Yes, Relosn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is there to stay. Daniel will just be more icing on the cake. He is an animal on the mats. Nobody scored a single point on him at the Worlds & the Abu Dhabi Brazilian trials this year, he won both.


We will be in Waco today, I hope the local schools come out to train with us at the Baylor Jiu-Jitsu club.


Phil, how did it go in Waco?

it went great. It looks like we will have him back on Monday the 18th or 17th of this month. I don't have a calendar in front of me. Daniel is in Hawaii right now. Christy Nancy & I just got back from the 12th International out there.

Check out www.Hawaiisurfpix.com for tournament pictures in Hawaii. 5 more days till Daniel arrives in Texas for more training.

I will be in Waco tomorrow & Daniel will be in El Paso tomorrow 6-9 pm. www.DanielMoraes.com all details about Waco & El Paso are one my message board : www.austinjj.com

Anyone in the El Paso-Juarez-Las Cruses area should come. Iv called all the schools in town and invited them too. Mabey a saterday seminar too.

Dont' miss this!