Daniel Moraes, 3X world Champ inTX

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people are reading it.

migel get ready to be taken down by Daniel. He will be there till Sunday! www.DanielMoraes.com

Phil you got mail

got it!

It was an amazing seminar!! it was close to 10pm and the guy wanted to keep teaching. he gave another class on saturday. Grapplers from El Paso that did not go to the seminar missed a great opportunity. It was almost like a semi-private with the world champ for practically dirt cheap! I am planning on going to Brasil to train with him sometime in July for 2 weeks.

Thanks to DJ and Phil for sending him this way.

Since Daniel has started spending extended amounts of time at my house I have brought in 4 gold medals in tough tournaments in a row. My game has jumped through the roof with his moves, gi & no gi. I guess that's why he's the champ. He told me he will go back to El Paso pretty often when he is in the USA. He had fun & enjoyed training. Everyone that missed the seminar will have to suffer having the moved pulled off on them. he stayed there training extra long because he wants the best for each person we put on the mats with him. As of right now it looks like we have a huge crew going to the worlds next year to stay at the Yatch Club and train like animals. I look forward to that & just training more with Daniel. I am very glad DJ got to experiance getting choked by Daniel, it had been too long. Congrats to Paul for the promotion, after 5 years or so of grappling I would like to let everyone know he is now one of our Blue Belts. Keep up the great work. Phil - www.austinjj.com

how was your hunting trip? nice and warm? hehehe

Na, I am going tomorrow, after it warms up.

Phil, could you guys get ahold of me again. I lost your number, paulviele@aol.com


Phil, I competed in the Relson Gracie tournement you helped put on about a year ago in Austin. When will you have another?

soon...keep watching and check out www.Austinjj.com

soon. indeed.

Jan. 25th


So this thread is about Danile in Texas, plan on him being back in Texas March 10th or so, he will train with us after the Arnolds, Rolker will be here before. www.DanielMoraes.com

crouching tiger all the details are on www.Austinjj.com message board. Do you live close to Austin?


Daniel will be in Austin minimum 2 weeks.