Daniel Moreas Seminar

I attended a Daniel Moreas seminar at Relson Gracie Jacksonville FL this past Saturday(03/12)...it was very good!!

Daniel taught a bunch of practical guard passes, and some extras. For a young guy, he is a good instructor. He was very patient, helpful, and spent individual time with anyone who needed it.

There were a mix of about 30 guys....half from Jacksonville and half from Savannah...all good guys.

Just want to say thanks, and show my appreciation to Kenny and Lionel for hosting the seminar, and to my brother Garth for setting it up with Daniel.


Just trained with him a few months ago at our school in Albemarle N.C., a great experience. Congrats to Daniel on his pro win at the Arnolds as well.

Correction: It's Daniel Moraes, my spelling sucks.

His DVD set is good too

he is incredibly exciting to watch as well. always going for it.



How did he look during the match at the Arnolds? The guy must be doing something right if he is winning over some great competition.

He did his usual game: Takedown, guard passes, and mount. He tend to fight very conservative. Before his match at the arnnolds, i told him I wanted to see him submit his competition. he said that he was fighting for the money and was going to be very patient.

awsome takedowns and takedown defense!

He is a great Instructor. He will be at my school after the
Pan- Ams.

Where can I buy Daniel tapes..