Daniel Negreanu is a member!

I just wanted to let you guys know that Daniel Negreanu is a member of www.pocketsevens.com !

He is a forum member!

I came in contact with him and told him about it and behold, he showed up!

Come ask him questions!

that little bastard busted me at the final table!!!!!!1

Even though he was smirking knowing he was about to bust me, I would have to say Daniel is one of the guys I respect for his play and his demeanor in poker.

Alot of the younger good p[layers are dorks and assholes, just a sad fact, Daniel is good for poker.

hey wreckker, come and be a member of pocketsevens!

we always need knowledgable members.

nice Thurgood!

That guys one of the best Limit players around......

I'll have to check out your site.

Here is the link : www.pocketsevens.com