Daniel Puder wins Tough Enough!

It was just announced that Daniel Puder won Tough Enough. They also announced he is going to be the #1 entry in the 2005 Royal Rumble.

What thats fuckin awesome. Congrats Daniel P.

Excellent. I hope this means good things for MMA.

He earned, he even went up against the miz who has a big reality fan base. Puder works his ass off and even the Miz has given his props to Puder for working so damn hard.

that's great.  Congrats to Puder.

He's $1M richer too.

Quite a lot of success for someone as young as he is.

Congrats Dan


Neither showed much skill, if any. It was a haymaker festival. Which is understandable with the 3-1 minute rounds.

damn thats fucking awesome. Congrats man and represent us as well as you can :)

that means hes richer than his mentor, frank shamrock

that sucks

I wish him the best of luck... not to piss on his parade but does anyone remember the winner of the other tough enough contests other than Maven? all the rest of them are MIA. Hopefully Puder will make it big

TTT for one of our own in the WWE!

He is very tough, and an excellent athlete. His skills are OK, skills are fair. Nothing exceptional in the skill department, but he is one tough athetic guy.

Puder is the same size or larger than Benoit, Jericho, Guererro, Cena, Benjamin, Christian, Orton, Flair, RVD, and Angle.

He just looked small next to the other Tough Enough Competitors, (minus Miz) who were fucking huge.

Too Small? Uhh remember when he was in the ring with Angle, he was taller than him wasn't he? He's also 235-240 which isn't really small. He's about the size of Angle, Haas, Benjamin.

People forget that when shammy started in the WWE he didnt exactly have the best mic skills and ring savvy at first, but over the years he developed his persona and became quite popular in the WWE. He become more than the average midcarder and was popular enough to be responsible for one of the biggest UFCs in recent history.

If Puder was able to accomplish winning the Tough Enough competition then he definitely has the athletic and intellectual potential to acheive what shamrock did, both in the WWE and in MMA.

He will be the #1 entry in the Royal Rumble?

Man, the WWE is setting him up big time. Since he will be first, they are going to send guys out there to put a beatin' on him. I'm telling you right now, the WWE will try to send some type of message that pro wrestling is tougher than "ultimate fighting." It wouldn't surprise me if they kept him in the ring awhile and just let a handful of guys put a whoopin' on him.

thats awesome!