Danilllo Villefort on Being Cut and Being Cut


MMA Junkie has a good article up on Danillo Villefort's cut stoppage and ensuing cut from the UFC.

It's a shame this kid didn't get a second chance.  Strikeforce/Dream should really look at picking him up because he has a ton of potential.

Damn, now this is a cut from the UFC that I didn't want to see. Villefort is excellent on the ground and has some really slick judo throws too.

Well that fight was a shitty result, he may have still lost a decision but it certainly should have gone to the cards.

I'm surprised they would drop such an obvious talent like Villefort.  He's a star in the making.

 On top of that, I think the cut was the result of a headbutt.

 ^  It was, which is why the fight should have one to the scorecards (where it would have been very close)

 ^  That's just dumb.  It's not the equivalent of "I quit" in the slightest.  He may have just thought he was pleading his case to be toweled off.  English isn't even his first language, and beyond that, it was minute 13.5 of a 15 minute fight, you shouldn't have to worry avoiding saying any type of "magic words" at a time when you have plenty on your mind.  I don't think Villefort's toughness is that much in question; he fought the whole fight with at least one and possibly both hands broken.

Regardless of what he said the ref should have toweled him off and given him a vision exam, as they almost ALWAYS do.  Fighters in high level fights have earned that.  There shouldn't be "magic words" that you're not allowed to say.  Particularly when you have foreign fighters that may or may not have a lot of English at their disposal.


And EVEN IF you stop the fight for the cut, because it was an unintentional foul that caused it, the fight should go to the scorecards, in which case Villefort may have actually won the decision.

It was the first UFC for the ref I believe. He was probably a bit too excited and made a bad call.

he was losing that fight

 sorry man, i didn't want to see vilefort cut either but the ref has to separate fighters in order to do that.

Yes....and?  Fighters are separated to evaluate cuts ALL THE TIME.  That doesn't mean ring the bell instantly.

"Villefort had suffered a deep cut over his eye in the scramble, and the ringside doctor was rushed in to evaluate the gash. The physician wasted little time in making a decision as the blood flowed from Villefort's head, and Lennox was awarded the TKO win."

- not that it matters to the pretend journalists of MMA, but the above did not happen.

At least three times Villefort told the ref and his corner that he couldn't see - the ref, correctly, stopped the fight.

The doctor did not stop the fight.

Sad, the guy fights like that and you guys dismiss it as "he wanted out."  He sure didn't look like he wanted out of the fight in the sequence between the head clash and the end the fight.  He was working his ass off for the armbar. 

"He wanted out of the fight" seems as poor a mind-read as "the UG will want to see these pictures of me and Vince Neil"

uttering the words "I can't see" equating to the fight being over is not in the unified rules anywhere.  It is a carryover for previous days when they had less sophisticated means of evaluating cuts and everyone wanted to watch their legal liability if someone got hurt while their vision was impaired..  I really think we're past the days where you have to avoid a certain phrase, particularly when you can be evaluated AFTER the fighter is toweled off.

I still assert that whatever Villefort said, they should have toweled him off and given him a vision exam.  If he had then said "I can see now" and passed would that have been acceptable?

And again, EVEN IF the fight is stopped, the ref fucked up royally because its not a TKO.  It's an early decision situation, much like Varner/Cerrone.


This is disappointing news. Villeforte has A LOT of potential.