Danny Abbadi?

I dunno... IMO, you can say he talks too big... or you can say he seems to get hurt too often... you can say he thinks his standup is better than it is... you can say a lot of crap...

But can you say you don't see the difference between the Hominick fight and the Von Flue/Danny fights?

There's no way you can legitimately claim to not see a different Gurgel against Hominick. A healthy Gurgel is a totally different animal.

"You speak of HEART yet you don't seem to recognize it when it is right in front of your face."

OK, George has heart. He hung in there with an injury. And for not acknowledging that in my prior post, I offer a sincere apology.

It still doesn't change the fact that he spoke like a world beater and then gave us some subpar performances...whatever the reason may be.

No offense to Jorge, but he doesn't really thrill me as a fighter. I haven't seen the fight with Danny Abaddi but I did see the Von flue and Hominick fights and could have done without them.

Danny trained with us in Biloxi to get ready for his fight with Jorge. He was crisp on his feet, but his BJJ and wrestling were not that good.

I saw him at the WEF show a couple of months ago in Fort Meyers, FL and he was telling me how awesome he is now on the ground and how no one can take him down. We will see when he fights Diego Sariva for the WEF belt. Good striker Vs grappler matchup.

Danny Abbadi is on the WEF card Jan 13th in Orlando.
He just won his fight at the last WEF event in Nov 18th.

Diego is going to make him tap in round 1

He made it to the big show, which is more than most MMA fighters will ever do, and more than 99% of this forum will ever do.

I thought Tito's comments were unfair and unnecessary.
Especially considering his babying of Matt and the stuff that guy kept pulling.

Danny did look good in his Ft. Myers fight with his leg kicks doing major damage to a tough fighter. He was bragging to all us Biloxi boys how good his ground game is now this is going to be a huge test for him. Chad Jay will also be on the card kicking Crafton Wallaces butt and taking the 85 title.

Jimmy how is the broken hand?

LMAO at this thread

Who did Abbadi face in that WEF Fort Myers Event? How did he win? Was he impressive?

"Who did Abbadi face in that WEF Fort Myers Event? How did he win? Was he impressive?"

He stopped Harris Norwood with leg kicks in the second. Harris is a super tough and very entertaining fighter out of Knuckleup in Hotlanta. I was very impressed with how Danny looked.

"Jimmy how is the broken hand?"

I am out 6 weeks. It sucks, because I was supposed to be on the next WEF card. I will still be there to corner Chad when he fights for the title.


you're welcome for the advice

am I the only one that thought Gurgel looked very good in the Hominick fight? Hominick picks Eves(best striker in UFC lw div.) stiking apart, Jorge hangs with him standing for three rounds and he still sucks. We all pick on the fighter here yet half of us have never competed at all let alone at that level. Aint the key board great!

Abbadi just sucks..come on...

"am I the only one that thought Gurgel looked very good in the Hominick fight?"

I thought he did too, Jorge comes to fight win or lose. He doesn't back peddle and is exciting to watch.

Of course your guys fight was great too!

Jay - you are correct (and as a pro fighter I'm sure you see more details than I do.) Jorge's striking looked very good against Hominick - who was supposed to blow Jorge out of the water. Hominick had a game plan and stuck to it and got the 'w' for it... but I think and hope that Jorge earned some fans with that fight.

I have always liked Jorge. He was a super nice guy when he faught in the FFC shows in Biloxi a while back.

I also don't appreciate the people who come on and rip fighters for nothing. It is a whole lot different being in that cage then it is being in the gym.


I think Jorge is a tough guy. My only criticism is that he doesn't seem to fight to his own strengths which is primarily submission/bjj. His striking is decent but trying to bang with guys just for the sake of entertaining the crowd or being a tough guy isn't really a solid strategy IMHO. Other than that I like the guy and I think he gets a bad rap on the forums for no good reason.