Danny Fortson suspended 3 games

for a flagrant foul in the blowout loss Dallas had against the Suns the other day.

Did anyone see it?? It doesn't go in depth on what he did?? He was ejected from the game.

Yes I saw it and I have always liked Fortson but he should have gotten 15 games susupension so when he appeals it, that it will go down to like 10 games. There was need for that, when a guy is going that hard in the air headed for the basket, you either go up with him and foul the crap out of him or you catch him in the air.

Complete bullshit and I cannot believe how calm the kid was after breaking his wrist, you can end a guys season with shit like that. And of course Fortson was saying he didn't mean it, fuck him, he has been in the league far too long to pull that crap.

6 to 8 weeks with a broken wrist is what Fortson should get for his actions along with a kick in the nuts, just another reason why I hate the NBA

What exactly happened??

the foreign guy Zarko Cabarkapa for the Suns caught a pass on the wing on a fast break and was going in of one foot, for sure was going to dunk two handed and Fortson basicly pushed him the chest when he was in the air and he went backwards and landed on his ass but tried to break his fall by putting his hands down and he broke his wrist


Oh fuck!! What a piece of shit!!

I made it to test my deletion abilities. I shoulda left it though, they're crap right now. :)

lol, suck has been an acceptable title word across the forums for a while now. Or at least since the Spurs have been gettin their suck on. :)