Danny Green vs Lucas who wins ??

they fight on 21st for interim WBC title, never really seen Lucas fight though I hear he is tuff as nails,will he be too much for Green or just another victim??

Lucas will win.

I'm an Aussie but i just think Lucas might be alittle to much too soon.

Hope i'm wrong but i get the feeling Danny will have to Ko him to win the fight.

We will find out in the next few hrs.

For some reason i now have a good feeling for Green today. Just think Fenech wouldn't put him in this fight if he honestly didn't think he could win, esspecially after the Beyer fight.

Yippy sound like it finished without contriversy either.

Now bring on Beyer! :)

Congrates to Danny...

Mundine cant dodge forever

Lets hope Green fights Ottke and wins and then Mundine will have no where to run. Then again Mundine might then go after the WBF world title. :)

Hey wait a second, which danny green are you talking about? Is it the one from georgia?

danm, can't believe it!

I saw him KO a guy on the KT/Leija undercard. Looked good then. Real good puncher. Seems like a hell of a nice guy outside the ring too. Congrats too him.

The DanNy "green machine" Green that knocked Marcus Bayer down twice and then got DQ'ed for headbutting is Australian.

"He has destroyed the top two fighters in his division in his last two fights. And nobody has gone the distance with him as a pro."

I don't recall him fighting Joe Calzaghe and Sven Ottke in his last two fights.

Frankly, I don't know much about Green but if he handled Lucas in as easy fassion as I hear then he's probably pretty solid. I just don't see anything else on his record that would make me annoint him the nest big thing in boxing.

As for Ottke/Green you could be right. Ottke seems to be on the decline of late and Green is young and full of confidence. However, beating Ottke in Germany is no easy task IMO.

IMO with Ottke slipping Calzaghe is the best 168 lb fighter in the world but to tell you the truth that's not saying much.

Very very good win for Green. Lucas is a very solid fighter.

Green is definitely not a top P4P yet...realistically, even as a huge fan you can't possibly beleive that...not saying he won't be there, but def not yet...

I agree with HH, beating Ottke in Germany is no easy task but with Green, Mundine, Ottke and Calzaghe...the smw's are def looking good for 2004!!!

No shit Sven is going to be taken out soon. He was slapped about by Reid. That refereeing and descision where awful.

Congrats to Danny Green,I agree with people above,I think the 3 best in the SMW division are Mundine,Green and Calzaghe,i really woudn't like to pick the winner out of those 3,all are awesome and underrated in the boxing world IMO.

jonny what makes you say Mundine, Green and Calzaghe are the best three? Not that i don't agree but remember Ottke Ko'd Mundine for about 5 minutes.

Hi Keats,Just my humble opinion.I have seen a lot of those 3's fights and i like each of their styles.
I have seen all of Mundine and Green's fights and i enjoy both fighters equally.I personally think that if they fight one another and i believe they will,i just get an overriding feeling that Mundine will find away to win much to all the experts surprise.I understand what you are saying about the Otteke fight,but that was awhile ago and have have to admit he is a different fighter now just as green is different to the smallman fight.Anyway just my views,catch ya Johnny.

Sounds like fair reasons to me jonny. Who do you think would win out of your top 3 Supermiddles?

Hi Keats,To answer your question.I think that they each how the skills and abilities to beat one another on their best day.I guess i would have to say Calzaghe,if i had to place my hard earned cash on it,although i would love to see either anthony or danny win.I have seen a lot of Joe's fights and he is relentless pressure all the way.Maybe Danny could outgun him and knock him down like Byron Mitchell did,and maybe Mundine could stick and move ie echols fight.So obviously i see green and calzaghe as the KO artists and relentless pressure,combination after combo,where Mundine is very different,very old school style of boxing,when mundine does flurry though i find it incredibly exciting,he has got very fast hands in my opinion and that is the reason i think he could trouble green,green was getting hit pretty well by Lucas and Lucas has nowhere near the speed of mundine,but i can also see mundine getting caught by green and that would be disaster for him.So it sounds like i am sitting on the fence and i guess i am,that's why i think they are the top 3 i guess.How about you anyways what your opinion???catch ya Johnny.