Danny Green vs Lucas who wins ??

Haven't seen Calzaghe fight much but i'm thinking i would love to see a fight between him and Green. As of Mundine he has done a great job but i don't really think he has fought top opposition yet. Most the guys he has fought have either moved up weight to fight him or they have basically had their last fight ever agaisnt him. Yes he beat Echols but this was after Echols hadn't fought for over a year and i can't remember Echols throwing one straight punch for the whole fight. I think if Mundine comes up against a big strong Supermiddle like Green or Calzaghe the wont let him hold on to them like Echols allowed Mundine to and i know for one Green will be throwing straight punches at him and if he wants to hold he will be hit with head butts, elbows and throw to the ground. Sullivan threw Mundine all around the ring and Sullivan is alot smaller and doesn't have the Ko puch of a Green.
So at the moment i would like to see Ottke and Beyer retire and Calzaghe and Green fight off.