Danny Wren Vs. Marcus Davis

Danny "Tha Roadrunner" Wren will be taking on Marcus Davis next weekend...should be a good fight. Marcus Davis is a former TUF contestent who lost to the eventual winner Joe Stevenson. Wren lost his last fight to Erik Apple by decesion...this fight should be a standup war!!

Be there Tixx on sale at 978-828-2149 or combatzonemma.com or your local fighters

good luck danny!

Have any other fights been announced for this card?

only other one I remember off thr top of my head is garth krane vs. mat pedro, which is going to be fucking crazy!!

Full preview will be up on massmma.com tomorrow night.




Wren also has 2 ko's in less than a minute.

are both Lauzon's fighting?

I believe Joe Lauzon has been offered Kyle Brees as a last minute replacment.

Not sure if he is going to take the fight or not...

...that is a TOUGH fight to take on a weeks notice.

Kyle has also said he would be willing to fight at 170lbs against Danny...but again...That is a tough fight to take on last minute notice...especially for such a young kid.

I'm not sure if they are fighting or not.

Brees' 11 wins are all by submission. Pretty impressive. I'd love to see J Lauzon take him. I think that would be a great fight and my $$ on Joe.

Great fight...

Brees is the RITC LW champion.

He only has one loss at 155lbs and that is to IFL star Bart Palazewski.

Interesting match up

that would be pretty sweet if that fight does go off



Danny is not fighting May 13. Due to his upcomming Welterweight Championship Bout with Eric Heinz in The Colorado Kickdown June 3. WTF Danny "the roadrunner"