Dante Question

It's been a while since I read Dante's Divine Comedy, but for some reason I ended up thinking of it last night.

Is the version of the afterlife depicted in that work currently held to be true by any Christian denomination? If so, I was wondering about the whole 'realm of the virtuous pagan' thing. What makes a non-Christian virtuous enough to qualify for that?

I looked up the section in question, and it actually describes them as being in limbo. Not exactly ideal. But all things considered, it doesn't seem that bad. Certainly a lot better than being in hell.

It reminds me a little of the Homeric underworld. It seems a little bleak to outsiders (eg. Odysseus), but in actual fact it's not so bad. The shades seem to spend all day hanging around with their friends.

Here's the relevant canto:

Modern Catholics still believe in limbo, right? What's the exact theology about who goes there?

That is a book that one day I will read...