Dante's Inferno: God of War rip by Dead Space devs

 Basically God of War with a scythe.


 Have to say, huge ripoff or not, it looks pretty badass. This and Castlevania should satisfy those of us without PS3s.

God of War is a ripoff of Onimusha

 And the PS2 Rygar.

Sure it's a God of War rip off but you say it like it's a bad thing. I'll definitely look into getting this game.

 In some ways yeah. Overall I prefer the look of GoW 3, the animation is better and it has a more painting-like look to it. Of course this is off-screen footage which ups the contrast, adds that annoying ghosting, and makes the edges too sharp. Hopefully gamersyde.com will have direct feed up soon.

Well, I for one am all for rip-offs if they look that kick ass.

I cant wait for this

looks sweet as fuck

Loved Dead Space and God of War is in my top 3 favorite series of all time. Yeah sure it's a total rip off of God of War but that's fine by me.

Weapons, scrolling beatemup, energy bar, magic bar, ridable mounts, yep, its a golden axe ripoff =).

Game looks like much fun

 To be fair, only the power of Cell can render blades on chains.

 I don't think the art/graphics style looks very similar. As for combo animation, I don't know, all these action games from Rygar to Devil May Cry to God of War all look the same to me in that aspect.

Looks awesome.