Danzig v Miller


Who you think takes this? I'm currently considering betting on this fight. Danzig is paying +240 - which I think are pretty decent odds. /o:p


I really think Mac has a really good shot at beat Jim. I'd like to hear other peoples opinions on this fight. /o:p

 I'd rather see COLE Miller vs Mac Danzig. 

I dont know who wins, but if you see +240  you need to go bet both sides of the fight.  Danzig +240 and then bet Miller at -160  for same amount....  I dont see a +240  out there at the moment though, highest + money side is +160 everywhere I see......  but you  will earn 80 cents on every wager if Danzig wins at +240 and it will cost you nothing if Miller wins.... No reason to gamble to it if you dont have an opinion either way already.

Where'd you see +240  on Danzig? 

Where is Danzig +240?

He's +150 to +160 everywhere I see.

I'm long a little Danzig at +180, but I wouldn't bet the house there. I think people are down on Danzig because he just got submitted by a lesser submission fighter than Miller in Neer, but people forget that Mac tapped out Mark Bocek. If Mac can hurt Miller with strikes he's got a chance. If he can't stay on his feet Miller's going to beat him up, he's a pitbull on the ground.

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