Daoist Monk looking to come to MA

i just received an email from my friend in
China. her boyfriend is a Daoist
monk who has trained tai chi and other Chinese martial arts for any number
of years. she's trying to bring him to the US this summer when she comes
home for a wedding, but the visa process is hellish. it's damn near
impossible to get a Chinese national a visa into the USA. what she's trying
to do is get him a business visa, by finding some business willing to write
a letter on this guy's behalf to the State Dept. in exchange he'd do some
free instruction at the school. i've attached
her letter to me below. let me know if anyone's interested. . .

Hey Puke Boy,

can you post something like this to your forum for me?
I need to find somewhere back home (a martial arts center with business
licence) to write him an invite letter. He'd teach for free in exchange.

Miss you!


My name is Julie Baecker. I am the on-staff translator at Cabin Dao, a
Daoist martial arts center in Southern China's Yunnan Province. Mr. Zhou
Xuan Yun, our resident Daoist monk and teacher will be traveling to the U.S.
with me this summer. We are interested in locating a local tai ji center
where he can volunteer some time. If you are interested, please do contact
me. You can see more information about us here.
Thanks for your time!