Daredevil on Netflix

He’s like the Hulk. Works great in an ensemble cast/story, but in his own story, he’s kind of boring and one-dimensional.

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I kind of disagree, if his season could have had a better villain I think it would have been far better. I still enjoyed it but liked DD2 Punisher better (because of awesome kingpin and Matt murdoch.) They really missed the mark, I like Bernthal as punisher because of his emotion (gotta not think about his size tho lol) and hope he can get another season or good cameo in the future

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It went from The Punisher that we know & love to drawn out episodes of a guy with ptsd missing his family or something. I don’t know it was just really dry not interesting at all.


I get it. It was an acquired taste for sure. It could have been so much better

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The Netflix shows started strong (except Iron Fish - that way weak sauce out the gate).

DD - 1st season great. 2nd good. 3rd - meh.

Luke Cage - first half good then it totally shit the bed.

JJ - 1st season was good, 2nd meh.

Punisher - 1st season OK, 2nd couldn’t finish.

Iron Fish just sucked ass the whole way thru.

Defenders was pretty good.

Shit i thought them touching on PTSD and alienation that vets feel was some real shit

Dude, the worst part of Iron Fist WAS the Kung Fu. The guy they cast as Danny Rand was an unathletic 'tard who couldn’t even throw a kick above his waist and everything he did was slow as molasses. I’ve seen actors in their 60s who threw more convincing looking kicks. The chick who played Colleen Wing was way more convincing, and she was merely decent. But she looked like prime Michelle Yeoh compared to him. The dude that played Davos was also terrible in the fight scenes. Would it have killed them to cast a few legit martial artists?

The first half of season one of Luke Cage was fucking fantastic. Once they killed off Cottonmouth, it was all downhill.


Whatever you do, do not watch Luke Cage.

There is one actor/character in that show that is awesome in season 1. That is it. It is the worst acted, cheesiest show I have ever seen.

Lol. White dolemite with the shitty kungfu?

Never even tried watching that one. Some lame generic dude with a glowing fist. Just seems gay.

I agree

I’ll say again, I enjoyed it

You also enjoy sucking cock and you say that again and again

I enjoyed the show too as I like nearly all comic adaptations but the kung fu was horrible and Danny Rand was a bitch…imo anyways

Different strokes for different folks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to, but the pathetic fight choreography and execution really ruined it for me. That’s why I took exception with your ‘good Kung Fu’ comment. I can’t recall ever seeing worse Kung Fu on film, ever (unless you count Rudy Ray Moore in Dolemite, but he was clowning, not trying to make great fight scenes).

This x eleventy billion.
Punisher in DD S2 was amazing.
Punisher S1 wasn’t bad, but not nearly as good as DD S2.
Punisher S2 was so fucking atrocious that I had to turn it off - and I’m a Punisher fanboy. They changed him so much by this point that he wasn’t even Frank Castle, anymore.

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Loved Elektra/Élodie Yung.

you forgot the “FUN” part :laughing:

All 3 seasons of Daredevil were very good.
Jessica Jones S1 was good because of Killgrave. He & Netflix-era Fisk are hands down the two best MCU villains to date. (I know Netflix stuff isn’t technically MCU canon now, but whatever.) JJ S2 got annoying, but is watchable.
Luke Cage was incredibly boring. I couldn’t even finish S1, let alone watch S2.
Iron Fist was not good.
I found Defenders fairly underwhelming.

Iron Fist was okay. Story was good, but the guy that played him looked like he didn’t train at all for the role.

As someone mentioned, Luke Cage was good until Cottonmouth got killed, then it declined. Plus, they kind of fucked with the character. He was cool and collected in the series, while in the comics he was somewhat of a loose cannon.