Dariush confirmed backup for Islam/Oliveira, Volk told to go fly kite

Too bad, I want to see Islam run over Volk when Oliveira doesn’t show. People will just downplay Benny when Islam kills him.


I would pick them both to beat Volk

Dariush is a tough bastard but I like his chances against Charles more so than Islam


Interesting…7 days ago, Dana was asked about Volk being the back-up and he said sure, there was interest in that. Did Dana confirm Dariush is the back-up? Or is this Ali telling his guy they’d likely ask him to step in?

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Volk deserves it more than anyone with his current status. As a back up that is.


Islam might have to pull out if he gets drafted.

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Dont sweat it, Volk moving up anyway gonna fight them all.

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It would be really tough to bet against Volk. That guy is a freaking champion. Id love to see him fight Islam or Olivera. I would never count him out. He would make those fights competitive for sure. If they couldn’t keep him down, it would be a war on the feet. He has the advantage on the feet and they have the advantage on the ground. I’ve seen Volk get out of some sick submissions on the ground that 99% of fighters would have tapped to.

Volk is the man. I just don’t see his path of victory against either of them

I think Islam can get him down and keep him down. I think Charles is crafty enough to get ahold of him early

Daruish beats Charles and Islam he’s the future champ. Islam isn’t beating Charles, get the fuck over it Jack.


Something tells me they don’t want Volk’s fight for the 55 title being one in Abu Dhabi as the back up.

They much more likely want a window to market and promote that fight than just having him in as a possible alternate in the dark. Dariush being the back up won’t be promtoted past articles and forum posts like these.

Dariush is mediocre. He does not have any appeal for casuals. In the modern UFC it is all about self promotion.

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Not true for the real fans. We know that Dariush is a beast

I wouldn’t disrespect the angry midget, he might win!

There is no if.

Islam takes down Olympic Middleweight Medalists. Charles has no takedowns.

Islam runs over both.

Charles and Volk is the only competitive fight here.

Maybe so. Islam has been caught on the feet before though and it can happen again. He can also be caught in a sub on the ground. But in general I agree with you. I certainly give him the advantage over both Charles and Volk due to his intense ground game. But those guys are both champions and not easy outs. Especially Volk. Volk will be mentally and physically prepared for war and will have a very solid strategy as well.