Dark Display Just Changed?

Anyone else have their display just change? I’m using a dark theme, which was fairly good, but now all threads are showing in white within the theme. It looks awful.

Yea, whoever is messing with things should stop!

Yeah just had the same thing happen?
Me no likey

Saw this too…

Yes and it sucks change it back

Absolutely change it back.

Holy shit was that jarring and ugly.

Changed back.


it just changed in the last 10 minutes, and it sucks. I’m going to try a different theme, see if I can find one that a) isn’t as offensive to my eyes and b) still shows the thread starter’s name.

EDIT: Thanks.

Thank you!

change is reverted. hefesh my fend.


About a half hour ago my light theme just randomly changed to dark. I like the dark but can’t read thread titles if I’m outside.