Dark on Netflix (SPOILERS FROM THE OFF!)

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I'm aware that there's already a thread on this but I thought I'd create one where spoilers are allowed.

Loved this series but as with most time travel stuff it's a total mindfuck and there are more questions than answers.











I've got a question that is bugging me..


One of the scenes in the last episode is driving me nuts. It may be me being a retard but why was it that only Jonas (1986), and Helge (1953) could see each other during the supposed destruction/creation of the wormhole?

In one of the scenes just before - we see Charlotte join Peter in the cabin so presumably they're in the cabin at the same time (but in 2019 obviously).

Why is there not a convergence/melding (whatever you want to call it) of all three time zones in that moment?

Am I being a moron? Can't find this addressed anywhere.