Dark Reign reading help

After realizing how many tie ins "Dark Reign" consists of since it's not an actual event that's collected as a tpb, can anyone here drop some knowledge on only the essential reading required to get a grasp of Dark Reign before hopping into Siege? Thanks Phone Post 3.0

Don't worry about the tie ins. Stick to the main avengers books new and mighty/dark
Dark reign is awesome

Avengers Reading Order

Avengers Disassembled

Secret War

New Avengers V1-2

House of M

New Avengers V3-4

Civil War/New Avengers V5

New Avengers V6-7/Mighty Avengers V1-2

New Avengers: Illuminati

Secret Invasion/New Avengers V8-9/Mighty Avengers V3-4

New Avengers V10-11/Dark Avengers V1

Dark Avengers/X-Men Utopia

New Avengers V12/Dark Avengers V2

Siege/New Avengers V13/Dark Avengers V3

Avengers Prime Phone Post 3.0

Much appreciated thanks. VU when I reset Phone Post 3.0

Dark Avengers was the best part of that event.