Dark Side of the Ring Pillman (Full Episode)

early leak, enjoy


I admit Pillman had me going when he made a surprise appearance in ECW after leaving WCW, and threatened to piss in the ring. It was ECW, after all; they’d do anything for heat.

How can I watch the whole series? Streaming services?

VU op. Dark Side of the Ring is a great show. Going to watch tonight. I’ve learned so much about the behind the scenes stuff of wrestling from watching this series, especially the stuff pre-90’s.

Pretty sure the Macho Man special is on A&E tonight too!

This was posted on the dark side thread. I replied there and will make same comments here:

Kim wood was star of the show

Melanie Pillman the mega heel of the show.

First wife rachelle I think is her name was baby face. Tragic story.

Brian and Melanie were scumbags the way they treated first wife, if show is to be believed. Feel sorry for the oldest daughter.

They made Eric bischoff look bad.

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Last season I was able to see everything on YouTube. Vice seemed to put almost all episodes but for a period of time, plus random youtube people would also post episodes in decent enough quality. This pilman episode was posted by vice

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This is only half the episode that will be on I think Wednesday night. This part is already in the on demand section of the Vice channel.

Mike Johnson claims Pillman pulled his dick out, lol.

The whole thing with his first wife is indeed very sad. Who knows how much of it was Brian and how much Melanie being vindictive and now trying to whitewash her role where she can, but he of course shouldn’t have gone along with it to the extent he did.

Pillman Jr. hates Melanie too, I remember reading him just bury the hell out of her in an interview a couple years back. I don’t remember the specifics aside from her obvious and long-standing drug issue , and criticism over that interview on Raw, but he basically presented her as only caring about herself.

That Bengals strength coach is quite a character, lol, great storyteller. Wonder where he learned so much about wrestling and got connected with the Harts.

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The second part is up on Vice now.


Wrestling is the most fucked up behind the scenes. It’s actually incredible the amount of dysfunctional shit that goes on in the industry. Loving the amount of content lately though, between this and the new A&E docs, plenty of stuff for old wrasslin’ fans. Would never have known any of this shit if not for these.

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If someone told me that, my first thought wouldn’t be “BS”, it would be “Did they blur it out? Were they careful with the camera angles? Was it just edited later before the broadcast?”

Yeah I bet he fuckin’ did, lol. Quick flash with his back to the hard camera

This is only 3:41. Jr. doesn’t exactly hold his mother his high regard. He’s not sure his younger sister is actually his father’s daughter, and the WWE money didn’t go towards his college tuition (he had to take out loans). But his mother was able to buy his stepfather a truck.

I liked part 2 more than part 1

There a reason his name was Pill Man (get it?)

Vince McMahon was such a scumbag to pop a rating for Melanie.

I feel for the kids. Can tell Brian jr still wants his dads approval. Poor guy. Made me sad.

Amazing aura that Pillman had. Even Austin thought “this guy is invincible he’ll be fine, he can’t die”.

First wife was beautiful. Melanie always looked odd to me.

Am I crazy to think if pilman had been healthy he would have made it to the main event scene and possibly wwf title holder? I think when Austin made it huge he would have lobbied like hell for pilman. Perhaps pilman would have been a transitional champ or something in an austin feud

Pillman vs. Jushin Liger in WCW was incredible!

If you can find it on WWE network, you should watch it.

Given what went down in the Monday Night wars, it’s safe to say he would have been a world champ at some point.

Watching now. I had NO idea that Pillman and Kim Wood were so close.
Kim Wood is a fucking LEGEND in the S&C world - that’s how I know of him. Had no idea he knew Pillman or anything like this.
Watching this makes me an even bigger fan of Kim Wood - especially what he said when they asked him his thoughts on Vince.

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