Dark Side of the Ring Season 3

Maybe we’ll keep Dark Side convo for the season in one thread? I dunno, anyway I really enjoyed the Collision in Korea episode. Great hearing from the star of the episode, Scott Norton, and Antonio Inoki, not to mention the fine contributions of Scorpio and Bischoff.

I actually didn’t know the event was recorded until fairly recently, and had wondered if the 170k attendance figure was a bunch of hot air for obvious reasons. Loved the tales of the event itself, can’t wait to see it and the opening ceremony some time, those crowd and stadium shots were something else.

I liked it too. I guess I understand why Flair wasn’t involved in the episode but it would have been cool if they got the Steiners

The Korea one was a bit redundant for me because I had already heard Bischoff’s podcast about it, but it was still a good show. I appreciate how hard they’re digging and going into the lesser-known stories about the business. I watched that one and the Gage episode yesterday.

Great episode. Great show. Really enjoying it

Just turned the Korea episode on. First thing that jumps out at me and Scott Norton has aged damn well

Norton is a complete badass like all the Minneapolis guys. Great worker.

There was a story about him in Japan. Some American wrestler got drunk at a bar and was going to smash another wrestler with a beer bottle. Norton grabbed the guys hand and squeezed it until the glass shattered and cut up the guys hand.

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Well, Vicious and Delicious was my favorite tag team during the Monday Night Wars!

Why didnt flair participate? I thought that was odd.

Also even on the podcast I couldn’t believe bischoff went on a run.

I always thought that Norton was a terrifying looking dude. He was absolutely gigantic in WCW and just looked like a guy you didn’t really wanna fuck with.

Makes me sad we didnt see inoki vs hogan with a real finish. The idea of Hogan jobbing to inoki in front of the largest crowd of all time makes me giddy

I think he is on a deal with wwe again and I would just assume they would cockblock this show,but Icould be mistaken.


For being around for quite some time you don’t hear a lot about Norton, good or bad. He kept whatever demons he has in check so good on him.


I don’t have cable how do I watch this ?

The episodes pop up on YouTube or you can order them on Amazon Prime. Its 3 bucks or so per episode

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Could tell Norton was a good dude. When buff had his neck injury you could tell Norton was shaken. Badass of a man with a good heart.

Here is the collision in Korea episode from season 3. Have not looked for the others yet but I’m sure they are on dailymotion too. Here also is the Grizzly Smith episode on youtube but the footage is poor at times.

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Mrs Dynamite is batshit insane. Tells the world what a scumbag her husband was, but dont you talk about it.


I try to watch the Dynamite episode but hope its not like the Jake episode where most of the stuff has been covered in the previous documentaries done on the wrestlers so its kinda just a rerun of that but something now the general public who watches the series will see.


Jericho said that Norton was the one who pulled him aside in WCW and told him the importance of standing up for himself. When Scott Hall yelled to Jericho “You expect to get paid for that??” after a match, Jericho went up to him in front of everyone and asked “Is there a problem?” Hall responded that there wasn’t.

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