Dark Tower

Pop’s got himself a little to dad from dad Christmas gift. He’s hype. I remember seeing everyone play this when I was young and some of the sounds are pure nostalgia but I’ve never completed a game.

He said my mama got him this gift for Christmas in 1981 for their first Christmas together. It ended up being a staple in gaming nights for many years to come!

Cookin’ chicken, sippin’ beer, and we’re gonna kick this towers ass


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Was hoping this was about the Stephen King series

Great game.ast time I looked, good condition game went for 150-200$, but that was a bit ago.

There is a croud funding thing for either a modern update, or for a sequel. Much needed.

This game was awesome, got a good history. One of my favorites… dungeons and dragons light.

IF ANYONE INTERESTED! I want to do an OG playthrough of demeo sometime soon. Vaca this week. It’s an oculus quest 2 game, similar vein as dark tower/d&d like.

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Nice! One of these days I’m going to pull the trigger on a complete Conquest of the Empire. It was a staple in my house as a kid. It was a strategy war game similar to risk but with more skill and some balls. It had currency, naval fleets, catapults, Roman capitals and roads. It was fucking awesome! (Or at least we thought it was…)

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Round 2! My brother is joining us this time. I’m gonna win this shit

I think @Mayfield ordered this?

Explain the premise of the game.

My grandparents had the game and I played it a bunch as a kid. So when I saw they had a Kickstarter for a remake I jumped on it. It arrived last week. The new version is co-op, but fun and it’s going to have a lot of replayability.