DarkHorse and Others Dec 29..!!

Dark Horse:

Concrete: The Human Dilemma #1

Star Wars: Republic #72

Super Manga Blast! #48

Graphic Novels/Trades:

Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom Volume 1 HC

Ultraman Tiga Vol. 2 TPB: Past Sins, Present Dangers


Humankind #4 (of 5)

Invincible #18

Savage Dragon #119

Spawn #141 (RES)

Walking Dead #14 (MR)

Wildguard: Fire Power #1 (Nauck Cover A)

Wildguard: Fire Power #1 (Ehouse Cover B)

Graphic Novels/Trades:
Tokyo Knights GN


Blade of Kumori #2 2nd Printing

Captain Canuck: Unholy War #3 (of 3)

Cosmic Guard #5

Darkstalkers #1 2nd Printing

Ghostbusters: Legion #4 (of 4) (RES)

Ghostbusters: Legion #4 (of 4) (RES) (Brereton Cover)

Killzone #1

Mystery Of Wolverine Woo-Bait (MR)

Street Fighter #12 (Cover A)

Street Fighter #12 (Cover B)

Voltron Vol. 2 #11

Graphic Novels/Trades:

AP You Can Draw Manga Masters Course TPB

Duck Prince Book 2 GN Swans Dilemma (of 6)

Girl Genius Vol 3 TPB

Passion Vol. 1 GN

Proof Of Concept GN

Valkyrie Golden Age Collection Vol. 1 TPB

Zombie Commandos From Hell TPB Death & Destruction (MR)

walking dead for me....

Whoever recommended the Walkind Dead on MTD's original thread was 100% right. That book kicks some serious ass. I picked up the first two TPBs and read them through in one sitting. It's a great read.

I second you MTD, when the fuck is the final issue of Wanted coming out. That was a great read but it seems almost anti-climatic at this point after waiting so long for it to come out.

finally someone listened to my recommendation......

well, like PLANETARY and a few others, it's worth the wait, but yeah, waiting sux.

i've not read walking dead yet, nor invincible, but if you like TWD, robert kirkman also wrote INVINCIBLE and although the 2 are different genre's, you may give it a try on kirkman's credentials alone. both of them are on my loooong to read list.