DarkHorse,Image,Others Jan 26!!!!

Dark Horse!!...

Conan #12

Usagi Yojimbo #81

Graphic Novels/Trades:

Berserk Vol. 6 TPB (MR)

Samurai Executioner Vol. 3 TPB (MR)

Shadow Star Vol. 6 What Can I Do For You Now TPB (MR)


Amazing Joy Buzzards #1

Beyond Avalon #1

Detonator #2

Spawn #142 (RES)

Superpatriot: War On Terror #2 (of 4)

Witchblade #82

Graphic Novels/Trades:

Ascend GN

Noble Causes Vol. 3: Distant Relatives TPB

Wildguard Vol. 1: Casting Call TPB


100 Girls #3

2000 AD #1420

30 Days Of Bloodsuckers Tales #4

Army Of Darkness: Shop ‘Til You Drop Dead #1

Blood Stained Sword #1

Bluesman #1 (of 3)

Caveman Robot Gigantic Mega Annual 2004

Cryptozoo Crew #1

Darkstalkers #1 (Power Foil Cover C)

Darkstalkers #2 (Power Foil Cover C)

Deadpan #2 (MR)

DFE Transformers War Within Vol 3 #1 (Alt Cover Foil Ed)

Dick Tracy Pacific Comic Club Set 1

Elvira #141

Evenfall #7 (MR)

Flare #3

Furious Fist O/T Drunken Monkey #2 (MR)

Futurama/Simpsons Crossover Crisis Part 2 #1 (of 2)

G.I. Joe #33 (Graham Crackers Exclusive Foil Cover)

G.I. Joe #39

Gold Digger Adventures Stand Alone Special #1

Joshua Warrick: Werewolf For Hire one-shot

Knights Of The Dinner Table #99

Luba #10 (MR)

Masters O/T Universe #1 (Graham Crackers Exclusive Set)

Metal Gear Solid #1 (Graham Crackers Exclusive Cover)

Panzer 1946 #3

Soulfire #3

Symbiotes #3 (of 8)

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #30 (MR)

True Story Swear To God #12

Graphic Novels/Trades:

ABCs of Superpowers HC

Best of American Splendor TPB

Bone Vol. 1: Out Of Boneville Color Ed HC

Bone Vol. 1: Out Of Boneville Color Ed SC

Creature Tech GN New Printing

Dark Angel Vol. 5 TPB New Printing

Eightball: Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron TPB New Printing (MR)

Escape The Rat Race TPB

G.I. Joe Vol. 5 Return Of Serpentor TPB

Goodbye Chunky Rice GN Revised Ed (New Printing)

Juicy Mother TPB (MR)

King Collected Ed TPB (MR)

Labyrinth Tarot HC

Labyrinth Tarot S/N HC

Monster Club Vol. 1 TPB

Negima Vol. 4 GN (MR)

Neil Young Greendale TPB (MR)

New Smithsonian Book Of Comic Book Stories HC

No Need For Tenchi Vol. 2 2nd Ed TPB

Phantom Graham Nolan Sunday Vol. 1 GN

Popbot Collection Vol. 2 SC (MR)

Rex Steele Nazi Smasher GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Abraham Lincoln GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Alexander The Great GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Christopher Columbus GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Cleopatra GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Elizabeth I GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction George Washington GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Harriet Tubman GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Hernan Cortes GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Julius Caesar GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Richard The Lionheart GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Sitting Bull GN

Rosen Graphic Nonfiction Spartacus GN

Singularity 7 TPB

Strangers In Paradise Vol. 4 Pocket TPB

The Remainder GN (MR)

Transformers: Dark Star GN

Tsubasa Vol. 4 GN

Wet Moon Vol. 1: Wandering Companionless GN (MR)

Alright Conan!!!

looks like a cheap week for me.....if i can stay away from the TPB's....