Darn Josh Thompson!

I was watching Strikeforce with my lady friend and she then tells me how good looking Josh Thompson is! Bitch obviously has never met OMA imo!

Josh Thomson IS a good looking guy. He is also a man of high moral character.

However, it is sad that he got suspended for wearing a T-shirt by the draconian CSAC.


What did the shirt say?

Isn't he a Stanford grad too?

Uhhh I don't think so. Have you ever read his posts on this forum?

The gay is strong in this thread.

CrazyJoe, this thread is very straight!

Ok. So he is a stanford grad. My mistake.

The t-shirt banning was almost as fucken stupid as watching an edited TV reality show, and passing judgment on a fighters mental status.

That commission douche will get his one day. Keep fucking around with your shady business Garcia...Eventually we'll get sick of you, and do something about it.

And judging by the explosion from yesterday with the Baroni bullshit, I think he is just one or two shaddy decisions away from setting off a firestorm. That WILL NOT end up well for him.

I will never understand why people create threads to talk about what mma fighters there wife/girlfriends have a thing for.