Darrell Horcher Bellator 83

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Whatever you two say.

It's cool man I always respect another's opinion Phone Post

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yellow wrkahlc - He had multiple chances to finish the fight. He lacks killer instinct, but I'm happy for him nonetheless. Phone Post

His 5 KOs in his 7 wins says otherwise it was more liguori showing tons of heart horcher was trying to finish Phone Post

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Knocks him down multiple times, and instead of going in for the finish, he either lets Liguori stand back up or lets the ref come in to stand Liguori up. Liguori even came back in the 2nd.

Horcher may have finished previous opponents, but not being able to put away a guy who was already out on his feet isn't very impressive. No one wants to see that happen again.

As I said before, congratulations, nonetheless.

Or perhaps he fought the smart fight and didn't follow him to the ground to get cought in the sub from someone as good as ligouri Phone Post

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Agreed. Liguori is slick on the ground a la Rich Clementi. Phone Post

Did someone say Horcher?