Darrent Williams Dead

That's how clubs are nowadays. Jealousy, bullying, hating, whatever. Badass gets intimidated, punked or beaten by bigger badass/group. Badass that lost returns with an AK-47 or snubnose and wastes his version of Kimbo.

Well they are not releasing any news, though Coach Shanahan came out today with a press conference which ALfred Williams, who is a radio personality here and a former Bronco said he has never heard Coach Shanahan sound like that before. I honestly could care less about not making the playoffs, or the fact our season is over, this is truely a tragedy. My brother and I were at the game that day, saw him play, saw him take the field for the last time. I have heard he died in Javon Walkers arms. I really do think that this horrific event will pull the team even closer together, and with all the talent, and I think we will see a very powerful, and very together Broncos team in 07. Darrent did radio shows around here, he was always with the people, its sad to lose someone of his caliber. He was going to go back to Fort Worth Texas and start a FREE football came for at risk youth, and try to make a difference. Its sad the same type of kids he hoped to save ended up taking his life.

This sucks, RIP. I liked Williams because he was one of the guys that wasn't really big enough to play football, but made it to the NFL, started even, off toughness.

STUPID GANG GARBAGE KILLED HIM. Some dumb ass Crip who is in prison for attempted murder and drugs is the guy whose car it was. Now obviously it was not him, but it was his homeboys. Now the scary thing is this guy shot at someone and a week before the his orginal trial for that the key witness was gunned down outside her house. These guys are no joke. They found the Tahoe and it was burned, or painted black reports are still unclear. This seriously is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. The memorials at Broncos headquarters and the scene of the crime are growing and I guess this Saturday at 2:15 Denver time people are bringing Orange and Blue candles down to Mile High for a candle light vigil. Any Denver forum members on here should go and we can trade information. Keep Darrent and his family in your prayers.