Darryl Gholar Tapes?

Anyone seen or own these tapes? There is one that has 3 discs and it is the 7-9-5 series I believe. There is also the 2 disc series that is just fighting takedowns. Any feedback guys? Am thinking of purchasing. Any other really good wrestling instructionals you can think of?


"There is also the 2 disc series that is just fighting takedowns." I have this one, it is about $25 bucks and loaded with great stuff... It really helped out my "single leg" game...

I have the two disk version. It's really good.

I have both and actually, I like the cheaper version better.

Both versions are worth getting as they both helped my takedown game.

I did a review of them last week(Do a search on the site for Gohlar DVD).

The DVD is fantastic and helped me out immensly

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Wow thanks guys the info is awesome!! Keep it coming!!

Hey Godzilla is it all just basics and is their stuff from the clinch also? My basics are fairly solid I am looking for good drills and more throws. Comments?

They are good tapes!!!


Just got my two disc DVD, very good and detailed instruction.

buckshot, There is a ton of good stuff from the clinch.

Its worth the price.

and thanks

Godzilla this is the three set dvd right ?


ttt for tttakedowns.

Just got mine today. Can't wait to sit down and watch them.