Dat Nguyen's Future?

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NFL Forum???

Check out Urlacher's Stats last year when he played every game and still had worse numbers than Dat.

Yet Urlacher goes to the Pro Bowl and Dat gets Shafted.

It just seems that there is a bias toward Asians in Football.

Timmy Chang getting no mention for the Heisman despite setting the NCAA record for most yards and touchdowns in a career.

Norm Chow gets no head coaching postion despite being considered the one of the great offensive minds in the history of football.

Whats up?


At least we have William Hung to idolize.

The struggle continues.

O where have you gone Bruce Lee.

I truly believe that if Bruce Lee had lived the Media Image of Asians would be complete different from what it is now.

How about Herman Ho-Ching? OU Superstar