Data doesn't lie: mRNA-vaccines and correlation to all-cause mortality


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In to read later at work.

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well, I for one will reserve my opinion until Snowy790 shows up and tell me what to think



Interesting read.

1 in 800 deaths from vaccines

1 in 5000 incidents of myocarditis

Most vaccination deaths in people over 80

(I know the OG fact checkers will correct me if I get anything wrong)

Cautions about rushing to tech that hasnt been applied to millions of people.

I did think Malone’s aside that 1 in 800 is a “big number” was comedy gold.

1 in 800 is something that has a 0.125% chance of happening. So a 99.875% chance of not happening.

I’d like some OGers with a medical background to weigh in on this quote. The Snowy types on the OG are not credible but I’m pretty sure some people in medicine have some concerns with some of Robert F. Kennedy’s statements as well.

I don’t know anything about a meningitis vaccine and think Kennedy is just another shill getting paid to tell people whay they want to hear.


I do understand stats a bit and 99.XYZ% chance against something happening makes it so rare its damn near (notice i did not say completely) impossible.

There are no guarantees in life kids.

There is always a 0.125% chance shit will go sideways

Yep it’s a fucking scam.

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Thats the 2nd time thats been brought up.


You think I’m here to monitor you guys?

Lol daddy took away your other account?

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How about a summary OP? Go on and explain in your own words what we should expect to get out of a 75 minute video. Just posting headlines is pretty weak.

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So let’s say in this week we gave 10,000 vaccinations. Then in this week, we have something like 125 excess in death in that week (My note - that equals 800 deaths per 100,000 or 1/800 in the 60+ cohort).

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Father died in 1990.

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You are my 3rd bust of the day.

1 more and i will have met my quota and be able to go home

1 in 800 is a ratio you dumbass… extrapolate that to the 250m people who got the vax in this country and that’s over 300k.

These new trolls are retarded!



Probably the best day of his life. So disappointed to have you as a son.

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That’s interesting, I just got my second Moderna booster a little while back & according to the physical I had on Wednesday, I’m at optimal health for a 60-year-old. So, I don’t buy into all the fear-mongering by the anti-vax crowd. I chose to get vaccinated because I watched up-close & personal as COVID took my father-in-law in May 2020 & then, my wife in March of 2021. Both of whom were healthy & had no preexisting conditions of any sort. My wife was a lifelong dancer & yoga enthusiast just a month past her 39th birthday when she died.

So, yeah, I’ve seen what COVID can do to some people & I want to avoid it if I can. I don’t live in fear, I’m not a mask zealot nor do I believe that the vaccines & boosters are a guarantee that I won’t ever get COVID but I do believe in their efficacy as preventative medicine to a certain degree.

Don’t agree with me or my choice, that’s cool. You have a right to your opinion, but I think calling individuals like me “sheep” & other derogatory names is ridiculous as you haven’t been in my shoes or been through what I’ve been through. So, you do what you believe is best for your health just like I’ve done what I think is best for mine.


Good for you. I am ok with you getting jabbed. And if you arent for forcing anyone to get this useless jab then you are also not considered a sheep.

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