Data nerds, the new forum use more or less data?

Some of you guys pay attention to this shit. I know the old forum was a data hog for what it was, is the new format any better?

I don’t know if it uses more or less data, I do know that is way more efficient in the resources (CPU , Memory, etc) necessary to run it.

My spreadsheet of OG info now has a cost of 2 instead of 8 to push into my db. Pretty good improvement.

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I want my gif button back.

It’s coming. The discourse gifs auto-updated, but it requires that we run an update on the main discourse code. That will get done today (or tonight if we feel like it should be done off-peak hours).

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I’ll have to reset it’s still showing total from the older app.

I haven’t checked data but the discourse “app” eats my phone battery like the chive, which is worse than any other app I use.

I appreciate teh feedback.