database is a database??

i have been at the network field for too long since 2002 or so. I guess you can say i'm bored of it. my main problem is i got to damn well be on site at all times unless i get a CCEI and work only on the network level from home.

what i need to a career change and looking into Database.
i like to do mainly front end work with browser type programming.

my question is what's the difference between all the databases out there. isn't a database just a database? just rows and column with them linking to each other in a relationship database type?

or is each database written with different type of back end codes to different from each other?

if so what database should i learn? what front end tools is best? i don't want to code the entire thing.

Most databases have the same fundamentals. The difference comes in the syntax required for the version of SQL that is used, the proprietary language (and functions) that the database uses, and at the advanced level, there are differences in managing data storage , performance, and security.

I have mostly used SQL Server, Sybase, and MySQL. It is pretty easy to figure out how to do the same tasks in all each of these databases.

An example of a difference between systems is this: On one project I was using Sybase and I had to duplicate a row a field met a certain criteria. If the field had a comma like "1234,890" then I needed to duplicate the row and have one row have "1234" and the next row have "890". As it turns out, SQL server has a function that can do this, but Sybase does not (no easy solution) so I had to find a work around.
You will run into issues like this from time to time. Rarely are they dead ends, but they will force you to make a change in design based upon that limitation.

From my experience with oracle, it is powerful but over complicates a lot of otherwise simple tasks.

There is overlap so the second one will be far easier to learn than the first, but there is a shitload of implementation specific stuff.

If you're doing web programming, a database is pretty much a database. They're pretty much all rows of ordered data. things like XML databases and other specialized data stores exist, but aren't used much for web stuff.

Plus most web programming now has an API(in the cms) to the database so you never get to really see it.

it's pretty unlikely you'll find a web front programming job to pay anywhere near even a mid-level networking gig will. It's far to easy to ship the code monkey jobs overseas.

" It's far to easy to ship the code monkey jobs overseas. "

This is not true. While outsourcing for programmers does take some jobs away from home, companies learn because of cultural, language and time zone differences, inconsistent quality of work, slow problem resolution (due to timezone differences), that the money saved in labor is spent on other issues. For the most part, outsourcing programmers does not end up being as profitable for companies as the model predicts.

Companies are always willing to pay good money for good programmers that can communicate and present themselves well.

I gather from your questions you want to be a database administrator for web-based technologies. I don't really think a job like that exists. The programmers for smaller web shops handle all the database work as well. The bigger shops ( for example) will have full time database administrators that are not specific to just web based stuff. They'll handle all the database needs for the organization. So if you want to be a database admin, you'll likely be doing just as much non-web-based stuff than web-based.

"my main problem is i got to damn well be on site at all times unless i get a CCEI and work only on the network level from home."


I don't think there are many DBA jobs that let you fiddle around at home either.

Also bartos is correct in his assessment of DBA jobs.