Date of next TKO event

Patry listed Feb.13 as the date of the next TKO, but in Kang's interview up on ADCC today, he says that he may fight for TKO at the end of January.

Does anyone know what the date really is?

i heard Feb as well...

In all seriousness, I'm thinking of organizing a bus trip.

In the spirit of tradition deposits will be non-refundable.

It was supposed to be January 31 but George is fighting in UFC same date so it is supposed to be feb 13th

Thanks bro.

Can I pay for the bus trip in Canadian Tire money?

I take Canadian tire money, and old stubbies of Grizzly beer as payment.

It's February 13th for sure...

Thanks JeremyHornRules.

Getting there on a Friday is going to blow.

Friday.. hmmm that sucks

that does suck. Im staying Saturday night...I figure I better show Mrs JHR a nice Valentines day in montreal to make up for going to the fights Friday night :)

I'm going to stay Saturday too. Maybe I'll see you and the missus over at SuperSex.

Wishful thinking on MY part...