Dating girl with severe OCD + Exercise addiction?

Been getting close to a woman recently who I've come to find out suffers from these. She can't sleep at night for fear of losing time from being productive...

she also hates taking days off from the gym and spends up to 3hrs killing herself with various exercises. I'm a trainer so I've been trying to convince her that she's overdoing it and she's going to end up damaging her health. She already has bad knees and I've pretty much convinced her to stop RUNNING on them.

I find myself fighting a losing battle overall though, as she looks good, is young, has a good job and is rather well-educated so there is no visible sign of a problem from the outside looking in.

Has anyone dealt with this issue in relation to someone else? How did you try to help her/him?

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Surprisingly there are actually a few experts on the OG that have degrees in this field. Luckily for you they can help once they have visual evidence to analyze. Phone Post

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Pic of girl:

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We know how crazy she is, now we need to know how hot she is to properly place her on the hot-crazy scale. After we have determined that we can proceed with treatment options.

dn10680 - run, run like teh fuckn wind. womens is cray as it is, but with issues added on top of the regular woman crazyiness?

I have heard this several times already from people close to me.

I haven't spoken to her in about week for this very reason.

I felt like I was becoming her pushy shrink and I get the impression that she was going to start pulling away.

The problem is, I think I am starting to get addicted to HER.

alley - Get her addicted to sucking cock instead.
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Pic of girl:

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Don't ever get with somebody and expect them to be any different than they are when you get with them. People rarely change for the better over time. If she's driving you crazy now, imagine how you'll feel if you stay with her for a long ass time and feel like you can't live without her or some shit?

alley - Get her addicted to sucking cock instead.
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Sex is the answer.
On average it burns 90 calories per half hour for women.
This should lessen the need for lengthy gym time.
It also encourages sleep so may help.
And orgasms help block pain, so you will probably help her knees while widening her diameter. Phone Post 3.0

Better than the other way around, and she won't even go for a walk.

It is possible that like many young women, once she's settled into a long-term relationship, is a bit older, etc., she will stop with the exercise.

See the Skinny Girls that Got Fat thread.

Don't become her Captain Save-a-hoe (at least from the exercise vantage point) or see her as your home-improvement project.

dn10680 - run, run like teh fuckn wind. womens is cray as it is, but with issues added on top of the regular woman crazyiness?
Honestly man this. I'd start backing out if I wasn't just so in love I couldnt. No one is perfect but relationships are enough work without having to fix someone too. Sounds shallow but it's real good advice Phone Post 3.0