Best passer and puckhandler in the game.


Forsberg is better.

Datsyuk has highlight stickhandling plays in every game though. You just don't see them because sportscenter only shows the goals. If Dastyuk were 30 lbs heavier and had young Fedorov speed, he'd be unstoppable.

First assist was a no-look, between the legs pass right on Zetterberg's tape. His second assist was a backhand pass, a foot off the ice, that landed perfectly at Hull's feet.

Watch the highlights, dude.


I meant Datsyuk's stickhandling is even more impressive than he is in highlights. Because for every nice pass or goal, he has 2-3 sweet stickhandling moves that doesn't end up in the highlights because there is no goal.

Forsberg is better

You have got to be fucking kidding me. Forberg is by far the better player, passer, puck handler, and scorer than he could ever hope to be. Datsyuk is very good, but no where near Forsbergs level. Nice try though. Maybe in a few years.


The CBC guys were saying he was "Mario-esque" with his passing and playmaking abilities.


It looks like you guys are saying XXX player has Forsberg strenght, Gretzky vision, Bure speed and Kovalchuk stickhandling he would have been a good player.

lol@"Forsberg strength"

Datsyuk kicks ass.

Forsberg has only been injured the last few years and it's mainly because of his physical play.

Spankenstyne, are you kidding me?? Forsberg is incredibly strong on his skates and is one of the toughest guys to knock off the puck.

How many guys skilled guys can play in traffic like Forsberg, not many.

Forsberg is so fucking physical, he ruputured his own spleen! beat that!


Spearing, and hitting people from behind is VERY tough on the body.

His legs get alot of wear and tear as well when he runs to the bench when he realizes there isnt a ref around to protect him.

Not to mention all that diving, its like falling on slippery concrete. Its gotta be painful.

Did you see the game today? Forsberg still rules!!!

Datsyuk is not a forsbergs level yet, but will be in the next 2-3 years

I have said this many times but I will repeat for the slow learning detroit and vancouver fans

No active player has the skating and passing ability that Forsberg has, he is strong on the puck and can make shit up as he goes along.

No, like skate by and around opposing players.

"No active player has the skating and passing ability that Forsberg has, he is strong on the puck and can make shit up as he goes along."

You haven't seen much of Datsyuk, have you?


only when I have spare time do I watch Detroit's games...Forsberg is a quick skater, he can draw the attention of a defender(or 2 for that matter) then lose them and make a pass to someone the normal person couldn't even see

From what I have seen of Datsuyk, he is more on e Tanguays level than forsbergs.

I have watched tanguay and Sakic go flying down the ice on a two on one, Sakic made a fairly easy pass over to tanguay, and then Tanguay made a saucer pass over the defensivemens stick from the right boards to the left faceoff circle which landed perfectly on Sakics tape for a quick wrister and a goal, he did all of this skating at about 10-15 miles an hour with sakic skating even faster...Now that is talent, and Datsuyk is just as good IMO, but not better