Daughter turned 1!!! Thanks John Dodson!!

For attending the event ;)



Hahahahahahahahaha you funny fucker


Lol!!!!!!! Phone Post

Kinda cool contenders in the same division can be friends...
Or was Dodson just trying to get some tips outta ya for MM?

Legit lol Phone Post

moiststpierre - Legit lol Phone Post

Especially cause he used to work there that made me burst hahahaha Phone Post

Happy birthday! Phone Post

ObamaCare - 

at the rate things appear to be going now...she'll be bigger than you by her 6th bday!  j/k bro congrats...every year a kid makes it healthy is a blessing. i feel bad for her future boyfriend(s)! My wifes dad was a cab driver, idk what id do if she told me he was a professional fighter as i went to meet him for the first time


Hahahah all fun n games :)

He used to work there so I had to do it :)

Haha good stuff.

And happy birthday to the kiddo!

UGCTT_EnderTL - 

Haha good stuff.

And happy birthday to the kiddo!

She just started walking now she can run its crazy she's already an athlete hahaha

LOL. Uncle Creepy how will you stop MM?

PassnSmash - LOL. Uncle Creepy how will you stop MM?

I'll get redemption I am going into full blown beast mode starting Monday. Eat sleep train and breathe victory I need that belt

Hahahah that is great!

Just awesome.
Lol Phone Post

Thank you Uncle Creepy. Are you going to mix it up to keep him off balance? I hope you fight Joseph soon, and stop him.

UGCTT_FryedTakayama -

Hahahah that is great!

. Phone Post

Ha! That's funny! And she's a little cutie-pie!



Lol, happy bday to your daughter. Any news on a fight yet? Phone Post