Dave Beneteau on OTR today!!!

Dave beneteau has just filled in as a last day replacement for today's epsidoe of OTR. Good week for MMA fans. Beneteau today and then Couture and Lindland/Henderson on Monday.

OTR is really pumping out the MMA peeps.

When is JT going to be on again? Is he going to be on with that hottie musician again?

Dont forget Tompkins too :)

I have to give props to OTR for supporting the sport.

show some repect! it's "DANGEROUS" Dave Beneteau! :)

that guy was fun to watch back in the day

So Couture is on Monday?


I'll be back perhaps in the summer months, a certain amount of
time has to pass before you can go back, generally 5-7 weeks. I
have been invited back, so it'll happen again soon.

TTT for Couture and Lindland/Henderson !


I hope so, your a funny looking lil character

...bastid, I'm pretty.


dam, beneteau is always cash money on that show. So good.

And I know I watch JT on OTR cause he is pretty.


"TTT for Couture and Lindland/Henderson ! "

Of course but the thread is about Dave Beneteau.

TTT for Dave Beneteau!

Phil BJJ,

I know that, but Dave is so good on that show, that he doesn't
need me to TTT anything for him, he's a great guest on his own.

I'll be sure to watch the replay.


my misunderstanding.

Cool, thanks for making the thread. I'm definitely going to look out for the replay today.

I watched it last night at like 2 am. Good show. I like Dave's thinking on some issues and disagreed on others but all in all he was well spoken.

I have seen him in persona nd the TV doesn't do justice on how large that guy actually is.

"I have seen him in persona nd the TV doesn't do justice on how large that guy actually is."

I didn't notice any crotch-shots of Beneteau on the telecast, so I guess you'll be one of the rare few to know.

I was surprised that Guess model wasn't a ditz.

I could go on for hours about big Dave. He bailed out our main event for UCC 1 with only 3 days notice, paid his own way to Montreal and wouldnt even let us try to pay him back for his flight! When I tried to pay a cab ride once he said "PETER STEP AWAY FROM THE CAB...IM PAYING"...lol. He is a very well spoken guy and awesome rep for this game. I noticed that he always took the time to talk with fans and all the "new" fighters from back in the day. As for his size, I remember being in the elevator with him and my wife...after he got out she said that she thought I was a dwarf standing next to him...and Im over 6 feet tall and was about 220 at the time!

All the best to Dave with his life as a lawyer!!!!


when is the replay? I had to work late and missed it


Replays are at 3:00am the day of the show, then at Noon the following day, I think you missed it Petey.


feck I have to spend more time on the couch :)

...or setting that VCR bro !