Dave Brubek

I've never really given sax players too much attention, but I'm diggin on this funky stuff alot. "Unsquare Dance" and "Take Five" are my favs, are they both Brubek composisions?

Take Five is great.

My Dad was a huge Cool jazz fan in the 1950`s so I grew up listening to that kinda thing on his giant "Hi Fi"..

Take Five was composed by Paul Desmond, arranged by Gary Keller. Unsquare Dance is all Brubek I believe.

I always assumed he wrote 'take five'

That is the only Brubek album I'm familiar with, but I think its great.

Uhhh....Dave Brubeck is a PIANO player. Paul Desmond is the sax player.

yougottawanna is right .. dave brubeck is the piano player, it's his
quartet playing "take five" 'n all that.

he used to be in the army, playing in the army band.


He broke his hands or something and had to develop a new piano-playing style

take 5 might be my favorite piece of jazz..

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5

the whole "Adventures In Time" disc is unbelievable.