Dave Filoni promoted at Lucasfilm

No unfortunately for everyone this does not mean the end of Kathleen Kennedy, but it is nice to see Filoni work up the ranks.

Executive Creative Director is the perfect spot for Filoni!


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That boy is our last hope

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Lucasfilm also officially recommended Gina Carano for an emmy. There’s no way they would do that if Kennedy was still in charge. Kennedy fired Gina and Disney branded her a white supremacist. It’s really does appear Favereau won the war and Kennedy is just a figure head now until she leaves.

Excellent news and a good omen that the witch is dead in all but title.

No… There is another

Kennedy is “Leaving to form her own company” after current contract is up.

That’s how fucking diluted she’s is… I’m leaving to compete with Disney lol.

She’s is the meaning of the term dumb cunt