Dave Gardner vs Rich Clementi

Dave Gardner defends his FFC Lightweight Championship against Rich "No Love" Clementi, March 5, 2005. This promises to be a great fight as Rich looks to regain his title he relinquished for his shot in the UFC last year.

As many of you know, Rich is coming off a very impressive showing in Japan in the ZST, and I can't think of no tougher opponent for a first title defense than Rich in his home town.

Get your tickets early, this fight is going to be a barnburner, and the last one sold out!

Dave Gomez

Good fight I take Gardner on this one

i'll go with clementi. he has been on a tear and is a monster at 155. i can't wait to see this fight.

Clementi by KO or TKO

Clementi will show that he's on another level in this fight.

Great fight. Don't want to pick a winner.

it shouldn't be overlooked that the whole card is going to be awesome. rob and lee put on great shows from top to bottom.

Will not miss this. Have to go with Clementi, as stated already, first RD. KO, or TKO.

lol, that as cold there Zodiac

Great fight

I am very impressed with both fighters!

I think this is a no lose fight for Dave though, if he wins, I think he earns a shot at the UFC. If not, well, I don't think a loss to Rich is the worse thing in the world.

Both fighters are confident, and ready to get it on!

Is it March 5 yet?

Dave Gomez

Gardner by decision.

i had mentioned this on another thread, but if they don't put up odds on this fight, i'd be more than happy to give someone odds if they want to pick gardner.

Zodiac666: Real classy... Real classy.

I'm sure you don't mean 2005?

what happen to feb 20?


What type of odds are we looking at?

mikeblak i will bet on it, clementi in the first round by brutal beatdown...Dirty Harry

Your on Dirty Harry ;-) What's the bet?