Dave Grohl on songwriting

Funny video of Dave Grohl instructing on how to write "hit" songs. If a blue would be so kind to hyperlink the vid...


lol @ "Chorus, Chorus, pre-chorus, verse... kind of, chorus, chorus, finale, chorus."

Also, I found this video because I have become a fan of Kyle Gass and his web show Guitarings.

Haha, great. That's probably more catchy than most of the songs in his repertoire. I hadn't heard of the Kyle Gass series, thanks!

Thanks, Beave! VU!

I'm a big foo fighters fan, actually, so I do like grohl's music. But that was surprisingly catchy for a joke.

Kyle Gass was a part of Tenacious D with Jack black. Kind of like Spinal Tap they are a comedy/mock rock band. But also kind of like Spinal Tap I was impressed by their original music and their ability to actually sing and play. So I started looking them up and found Guitarings with Gass and Konesky. This vid wasn't actually from Guitarings, but they referenced it once, so I looked it up and found it.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. Phone Post 3.0

"Don't bore us, get to the chorus!" Lol. Phone Post 3.0

Also, as someone who loves music and loves to play music, but is totally not creative, I find this sort of simple "joke" songwriting to be really impressive. I wish I could do that sort of stuff even as a joke, let alone seriously. Phone Post 3.0

I'm a D fan from way back, watched a bunch of Guitarings episodes afterwards. KG always has an aura of relaxed contentment that can only come from years of heavy pot smoking.

Grohl seems like a cool guy to get a beer with!

Dude that was awesome