Dave Huckaba Is Calling Out Jorge Oliveira

Dave Huckaba Is Calling Out Jorge Oliveira


Outside the cage the nickname “Bad Man” doesn’t really seem to fit. Step in the cage, and as Mike “The Animal” Cook, and many before him, can attest it’s a whole different story. I recently caught up with Dave “Bad Man” Huckaba one evening, and I found the man on the other end of the phone to be very friendly and easy to talk to. I’ve since learned that he is a loving, devoted family man, a man who, while in the cage takes inspiration from the knowledge that his children are in the audience. All that being said, he is also a man who’s hungry, hungry for the opportunity to show, once and for all, that he is the man to beat in the heavyweight division.

Check this out http://mmako.tv/News/huckabacallsouttachipalaceheavyweights.html

The only fight that matters for him is Dan Quinn, but Huckaba is clearly terrified of him.

It was all good when he was beating on Ross Clifton but when he the time came to step up against Quinn, Huck always seemed to have an excuse.

at least you've made no attempt to deny the obvious.

apart from that tho, how do you think huckaba matches up with fedor/reem/cain etc?

i dont think they really look at him as the man to beat tbh.

He needs to just fight opponents with winning records and quit talking. Let his ability take him up. Phone Post