Dave Jacobs ROCKS Morgantown, WV..

Ground Zero Fighting Systems (Morgantown, WV) was fortunate enough to have Dave "ROCK" Jacobs, and George (Tush Hog) in for a 3 hour Gi and No-Gi seminar today, Nov 19th. I have attended several seminars done by Black Belts of various teams, and I must say that Dave Jacobs puts on an EXCELLENT seminar. Dave asked us before hand what we wanted to see and I told him... techniques, positions, etc you've had success with on high level opponents, favorite drills and moves (unrelated to event success), and also techniques you've seen Others do in high level competition that you've been able to train and work on your own. As a last minute addition, we requested Dave cover some Takedowns and TD counters. In other seminars, we've had experiences with long warm-ups (we pay good $$$ for these things and to spend an hour warming up.!?) and guys not knowing certain things and making stuff up (ie. MMA seminar - Q- "what do you do in this position". A - "don't get in that position. there is nothing you can do"). Dave was very good about warming us up with some practical drills he'd picked up in Brazil (drills I'd personally never done before) and getting to the good stuff. We covered some solid half-guard material, Grip fighting, Ankle Picks and guard passing. Though I had seen some of the Half-Guard material, I picked up a few new tricks to add to my game, and even though I'd seen some of it, it's always nice to have someone looking over your shoulder correcting you. I picked up TONS of good Grip fighting moves that i will be adding to my game. The Ankle Pick was taught in series, set-up #1, beating the counter, etc. All good stuff. The Guard Passing was all-New to me. I hadnt seen these passes before, but i found them very easy to apply once you get the hang of the guard split, which in and of itself is pretty damn interesting. The No-Gi portion of the seminar was equally as impressive. I'll give a recap later. im pretty beat. 3 hour seminar, and privates... Long day, but GREAT experience. Dave Jacobs delivers the goods!!!

BIG Thanks Dave and TH,



Dave is one of the best grapplers ever to rock the fannypack. (Which is saying a lot because those things are popular in Brazil!)

Thank you very much for the nice review, Don, and thanks also to you, Phil, and Ground Zero for inviting me and for the warm welcome. I really enjoyed myself. The time went by fast. I only had a chance to show a little more than about 1/2 of the things I planned on, but there just wasn't enough time to show it all. You'll have to invite me to WV again!

Thanks again Don for the good time and for beating my ass. You and the guys up there are great with some awesome Jiu-jitsu, I look forward to seeing you guys in Winchester and Fairfax soon. Until then I will be recooperating from your blitzkreg. =)

It is always good when a BJJ Black Belt teaches a seminar in WV!!!

It wont belong till the state has its own Black Belt...I am guessing within 4 years...and I am not talking about someone moving to WV...but a Mountaineer...Born & Raised!

TTT for Ground Zero in Morgantown!

"Dave is one of the best grapplers ever to rock the fannypack. (Which is saying a lot because those things are popular in Brazil!)"

I think Dave should host an all-fanny pack tournament to defend his crown.