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Dave Lang the Fraud is Back!


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Posted: 21 hours ago

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Sorry I have not been around for a while gents (and ladies...*winks at deuce droppin...) I've been overseas and traveling a bit, pretty busy...BUT...

People of the Underground, I have returned.

And I come bearing gifts...

So far, this is what I know...

A guy named Greg Compagni is currently training under DAve Lang (in the barn).

It is being alleged that Greg has a MMA fight, Jan 28th, someplace in New England, fighting out of Team Lang MMA/Lang BJJ.

Te only thing I can find so far, is the following "pic badge" page, the Hermes Franca Logo may look familiar, as will a few of the 7 people who like it... including Dumb Daves mommy pat, dumbass preacher brother Peter and a few other of the usual suspects... and of course Dave Lang.

I cant find anything else, there are 2 promotions having fights in the region the 28th, Kaged Kombat (no fight card listed) and Cage Titans, the name does not appear on their card...

Anyhow, Dave is still training fighters... I expect to see the next Mundial MMA champ as well as Pride Grand Prix champ come from his barn...

You guys find anything on this guy? 

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 Why are we starting another thread about it? 

EDIT: NM, I saw your post in the original thread. Good on ya.

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Damn, so many frauds I can hardly remember which one this was.

Was Lang the one submitting his girlfriend in the pics? Or was that like Matt Malice or whatever the fuck that cheeseball was called?