Dave Legeno found dead

Anybody hear what happened? Phone Post 3.0

Dave Legeno, 50, better known in MMA circles as “The Enforcer,” was reportedly found dead this past Sunday in Death Valley, Calif. Phone Post 3.0

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his last fight was herb dean.


Very sad.


Wad a Nice guy

rip Phone Post 3.0

I remember seeing his fight with Herb Dean.

I had no idea he was also an actor. I watched the Harry Potter films without making a connection.

He certainly had an eventful life, he was cast in major action films as a MMA fighter with a 0-3 record. Finished up 4-3.


Didn't Death Valley claim Evan Tanner too?

Ya too bad rip! Dude fought herb dean and kimo which was how i knew hin nit from potter Phone Post 3.0

Remember his fights in Cage Rage. He was in Snatch.

RIP Dave!

I suppose his best known moment for fans worldwide was this:


made it into a few popular highlight vids a while back


RIP Phone Post 3.0

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Dave has friends on the site.

RIP Phone Post 3.0

Dave was a good bloke and entaintaing in all aspect of life from acting to mma. He had was a strong charter which shows by the fact he lost his first three fight but stuck at it and won his last four. That's hard to do and speaks volumes. Gutted he's dead but it was a pleasure to know and train with him while he was alive R.I.P Dave my friend gone but not forgotten 

RIP. Always a fun guy to watch fight, a damn good actor and by all account a stand up guy. Really sad Phone Post 3.0

RIP :(

I saw this headline and immediately came to the UG for more info. After seeing his pic in the article I recognized him from the Harry Potter movies but had no idea he was an MMA fighter as well. Regardless, may he RIP. Phone Post 3.0


He did some great promos/Walk outs for Cage Rage..

R.I.p. Phone Post 3.0

Really sad to hear, RIP Fenrir Greyback Phone Post 3.0