Dave Legeno found dead

youarewhatiswrong - Didn't Death Valley claim Evan Tanner too?

I think Evan was down near Palo Verde

This is eerily similar to Evan.

granderojo - This is eerily similar to Evan.

I'm not sure, some of the reports I read said he had a heart attack.

I think he was out for a day trip not an expedition.

I never knew Dave Legeno but was privileged to see him fight a few times in Cage Rage. What an entertaining and exciting fighter. A tough guy and a showman.

His fight (and win) with Kimo was outstanding.

I first heard of him vs. his fight with The Beast. RIP sir.

Death Valley got to 107 in March and April when I went thru there so would tread carefully there and think twice about dong something in the real heat of Summer there.