Dave Meltzer makes fun of MMA fans

on his most recent radio show he talked about Fedor's coach joking about the "psychological technology" excuse and lol'ed at dumbass MMA fans that "jump all over shit like that".   

what he was too nice to say is that you are all morons. 

really, you are.

That's from a man who has been chasing around rasslers for years.... Meh figures Phone Post

lol! ^^^another idiot that so badly wants to believe Fedor's coach really believes ATT used psychic attacks to win the fight.


No one in their right mind would believe shit like that. LOL. IF he mocks people for doing so, he has all the basis to do so, as it is.... very fucking dumb.

I honestly read like 20 words of the article and knew it was satire. I am sorry but hes right, anyone who jumps all over a obvious joke and thinks its serious is more of a idiot. Sorry I dont mean to be insulting but you cannot think that article was real.

OP is correct. MMA fans are in fact the saddest, dumbest bastards on the planet. This forum is a daily reminder

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Meltzer is a great source and knows his shit about MMA and 'wrasslin. However, he can be kind of an annoying know at all at times.

If Fedor has been hypnotised, does that mean if someone claps, he'll suddenly start dancing like a chicken?

Wow, interesting. I believe john joe. After all Fedor believes nonsense also, just an older more trusted brand of nonsense. I would love to hear more of Voronov's crazy Cold War-era delusions. It's like the Manchurian Candidate.

Meltzer is an idiot but its truly sad and embarrassing to see people buy into this hypnobullshit that has been spewed out by fedors camp. He got beat down you nut huggers.

I don't believe the hypnotism baloney but I don't believe for a minute his handler was fooling around. When have these guys ever cracked a joke? This isn't Sakuraba we're talking about.

Jesus Christ. He's fucking right and the combined IQ on this thread (for the supporters of hypnosis, voodoo and other conspiracy theories is about 60). Fuck there are some dumb shits on this forum and it is really embarrassing for the rest of us who just like the sport and train to better ourselves.

GMan99 - I don't believe the hypnotism baloney but I don't believe for a minute his handler was fooling around. When have these guys ever cracked a joke? This isn't Sakuraba we're talking about.

Exactly. I don't believe in it either but that doesn't mean that Fedor's camp doesn't.

I'm the biggest Fedor fan out there and I have no problem saying he lost to the better fighter that night.

I do have a problem with a Pro Wrestling twat making fun of alleged fabrications. Here's a clue dumbass, pro wrestling is ENTIRELY fabricated and picking on the lack of IQ in their fanbase would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

It's fair to call some MMA fans idiots but you lose all credibility when you believe in roided up male soap operas.

Couldn't care what Fedor's camp says.... but Meltzer is a jackass. If only he wrote his wrassl'n dirtsheets at Mexican shows in the 80's we wouldn't have to see any of him in present day. Phone Post

You mean aside from the fact Fedor's people immediately said it was meant as a joke, and when I read it, within five words I could see it was a joke, yeah, Meltzer isn't plausible.

You desperately trying to defend it comes off as bad as if the comments were meant seriously. Yeah, nobody in Russia has a sense of humor. Talk about a stereotype.

 LOL @ no one, including Meltzer, seeing the exclusive photography PROVING the hypnosis WAS REALITY.

You don't have to be Russian or have a PHD to see the obvious.

Man, this Fedor loss has caused such a commotion. Keeps shit entertaining.