Dave Williams Judo Videos...

Can anyone out there tell me anything about these videos. The ones that I am intrested in are the;
1. Throws Volume 1
2.Throws Volume 2
3. Uchimata
4. Katagaruma

Now I take it that the Katagaruma and the Uchimata videos are based on just those two throws... But as far as the Throws Vol I & II can anyone tell me what throws are shown on those videos.

I am looking for a good amount of throws on each video insted of a small amount several differnt times. Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes there is a sequence involved with the series - more to come so
lookout for more.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays


Thank you for you info!




Dudes, that is funny as hell but not me. I look much better then
that. Besides the fact that there is no way I can try and conduct
any of those types of moves is kinda funny (thinking about
flipping). I like keeping my feet on the ground unless I am
slamming someone.

If I had slammed that guy on the hard ground he wouldn'y have
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Here is a review for Throws Vol.1 I wrote on another thread. I
hope this helps you.

I recently purchased David Williams Throws Vol. 1 from
Island Martial Arts. I personally needed more work on my
throwing skills so I thought this would be a good video to start
with. First I have to say that David is an excellent teacher who
is very detailed and has a systematic approach to his
teaching. He starts the video out by showing some basic
warm ups that you can do to warm up the core of your body
and hips. He stresses the importance of warming up prior to
your training. After teaching various warm up techniques
David shows you how to breakfall properly. Again, as with
the warm ups, the main purpose for showing you how to fall
properly is safety and injury prevention. Now he begins to
show various drills on proper footwork. These drills will help
you later on with the techniques he shows in the tape. Once
you are properly warmed-up, you know how to fall safely,
and you have your footwork down, he goes into technique.
David focuses on Tai Otoshi or Body Drop. He begins to
teach the technique in a systematic way starting out with
basic movements and working your way up the full throw.
This method is what he calls the Trust Method. It not only
helps you learn the technique, but it allows you and your
partner to learn to trust each other and train safely. Once your
learn the basics of Tai Otoshi he begins to show you how to
use the technique against various sized opponents. David
demonstrates the moves and explains how to execute the
throw against an opponent that is smaller, the same size, and
larger than yourself. In each case he explains the details to
be successful in your attempts. Next he moves onto grip
fighting. He really goes into a lot of detail on this subject. If
you pay close attention to what he says, you will learn how to
use Tai Otoshi depending on how you and your opponent
have gripped each other. Whether your opponent is right
handed or left handed he covers it all. Now that you have the
basics down for Tai Otoshi, David shows various ways to
Block and Evade your opponents Tai Otoshi attempts on you.
Once you learn how to block and evade the move he shows
you how to counter the technique. Finally David covers on
how to set up the throw as if you were really grappling. He
discusses various ways of setting up Tai Otoshi depending
on if your opponent is right or left handed. If you want to learn
judo or improve on what you know then this series is a great
place to start. I would recommend this to anyone!

After seeing that clip, I know what's wrong with my judo...I've been using the wrong music to pump up. I've got to dump the Metallica and the Powerman 5000, and get with the Williams Snakedance.

THanks to everyone that posted a responce!

dumb question because I know nothing about judo throws and
want to learn more -- does volume one only show one throw?
How about #2?

Tai Otoshi is coved on the first Tape/DVD. David does a great job explaning Tai Otoshi on the tape/DVD.

Another dumb question, but what do Tai Otoshi, Uchimata and
Katagaruma look like? Does anyone have pictures or could give a
short description?

BubbaRayGracie, see the throwing techniques at http://www.judoinfo.com/techdraw.htm

Kata guruna: http://www.judoinfo.com/images/nauta/kataguru.gif

Tai otoshi: http://www.judoinfo.com/images/nauta/taiotosh.gif

Uchi mata: http://www.judoinfo.com/quiz0297_1.htm

The www.judoinfo.com techniques page is at http://www.judoinfo.com/techjudo.htm

To check out a clip of Throws Volume one go to www.taiotoshi.creekwarrior.com

or www.uchimata.creekwarrior.com

Thanks guys for the links. I'm about to check them out.

There is an aweosme deal on the 5 DVD set at www.islandmartialarts.com I'm thinking about getting a set. Does anyone have a revieew of the other tapes or infor on running time, production quality, ect?


For those of us who purchased parts of your set previously, is there a deal you can arrange for us to get the rest of them on DVD?? I loved your first two videos and I really want to see your last three.

I wish I could but that is up to the guys upstairs. I just love that
folks are being helped. Look for more and tell us what you what
youu would like to see as well.